10 Simple and Meaningful Gestures Women Make When They Care About You But Just Don’t Want A Relationship

A Posted a year ago
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It’s a struggle for guys, really.

The line between being a friend and a girlfriend can get incredibly blurred sometimes. Guys will always go through the trouble of being around girls who are acting all sweet and caring like a girlfriend would, but then they’d also be the first girls to reject them on a real date.

It’s a struggle for guys really. You’re practically acting like boyfriend and girlfriend right? How can you tell when they’re into you or not? When should you make a move and when should you be holding back?

The answers to those questions can be difficult to answer. As boys, we must continue the struggle. The best that we can do is to just avoid raising our expectations when there is no need to. Lowered expectations can save us a ton of heartbreak and conflict in the long run.

It’s much better for us to be cynical when we’re confronted with a girl who’s sending mixed signals. Treat each girl like a friend, and you won’t be accused of expecting more than you’re entitled to.

Here are 10 times when women act like your girlfriends even when they’re not interested:

1. She wants you to spend late nights with you at home to just hang out. That doesn’t mean she’s looking to get intimate. It may just be because she needs companionship at that particular time and you were a convenient option. Remember that it could be any other guy or girl on any other night.

2. She’ll hang out with you in public, and she might even introduce you to her friends. Don’t expect any more than that. It can be friendly hang outs. She doesn’t expect you to invest yourself in getting to know her friends either. It may have been just an introduction done out of courtesy.

3. She’ll avoid any small-talk conversations with you through text, but she’ll always be there for you when you have real problems that you want to discuss. You can call her when you really feel like you need her thoughts or opinions on things, but that’s about the limits to where she’s willing to engage in deep and long conversations with you.

4. She cancels on plans with you, but she takes the time to give you an explanation out of courtesy, not out of obligation to you. She doesn’t feel obliged to let you know of her plans or her whereabouts. You should know that she is an independent woman who is going to live her life with our without you in it. It doesn’t really make any difference to her.

5. She always leaves you feeling like you’re going to be spending more time with each other in the long run. Every time you go out on a friendly date, she’ll make you feel like she’s having fun and she’ll even entertain the thought of you hanging out continuously. If she isn’t interested in seeing you anymore, she’ll let you know though. - Continue reading on the next page