10 Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin A Perfect Relationship - What To Do Instead

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Relationships are fragile. Even the strongest of relationships, at times, can get shattered. Many internal and external factors are responsible for breakups and ruined relationships.

Most of the time, both the partners don’t even understand what went wrong. After a breakup or after a serious fight, many such questions keep on buzzing in the heads of both the partners:

‘Why did this happen?’

‘What did I do wrong?’

‘What did just happen?’

‘What went wrong?’

We need to take responsibility of our actions, attitudes and behaviours. We must identify what went wrong. We can only learn from our mistakes once we identify them.

Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes that can destroy a perfect relationship. Try to avoid these relationship traps to save your relationship and make your marriage a success.

1. Criticism Is Poisonous For Relationships

We all dream of an ideal life partner. But the fact of life is - no one is perfect. It is not always possible that our life partner comes up to all our expectations perfectly. Criticising him/her for not doing certain things or for not doing a thing in a certain way is a big mistake, a mistake we make more than we should. Instead of appreciating their efforts, we keep on criticising them consciously and unconsciously in routine life.

Alternatively: We must acknowledge and appreciate efforts of our life partner. We need to compromise on some things in our daily lives in order to save our relationships.