10 Small Acts in a Relationship That Are Actually a Really Big Deal

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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While it’s nice to go all-out sometimes and do things like buying your partner an extravagant gift, planning a secret trip for some special occasion, or surprising them with some other grand romantic gesture, this can’t be the only thing that a relationship thrives on.

What’s more essential for a relationship than all these things that we see in the movies is the simple act of paying attention! Pay attention to the things they say to you. Pay attention to how they’re feeling. And pay attention to the things that make them smile.

If you’ve found a partner who truly pays attention to you, then this is someone you can trust to always stand by your side.

This is a person who understands how the small things matter most because these are the things you do for people simply because you love them, not for a special occasion and not with a hidden agenda.

Here are 10 small romantic acts which, in reality, speak volumes for a relationship:

  1. Writing love notes

Yes, I know this isn’t high school. But that’s exactly why no one will ever expect to wake up or sit in their car and see a small piece of paper by their side with a simple “I love you” written inside. It’s easy. It’s free. And you can leave it absolutely anywhere to surprise your significant other. This is a sure shot way of putting a smile on their face. - Continue reading on next page