10 things every guy deserves from the Woman he loves

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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A man who loves you and sacrifices his needs and desires to see you happy deserves some pleasing. Men are not that hard to please, they are swayed away by simple acts of kindness and affection. If you really love your man, you just need to get to know his interests better and find the little things that put a smile on his face. Men have varying personalities, but there are some basic things that can really melt their hearts. Beyond that thick coarse exterior, lies a fragile human being who has emotional needs that need to be fulfilled.

1. "I know you are not as strong as you try to be for me"

Let’s face it, being strong isn’t that easy. The society has brainwashed us and it has corrupted our minds. Men are expected to be strong and women are supposed to be more open to their emotions. The feeling of vulnerability and weakness transcends gender. Men are as susceptible to being hurt as women. Some men are even more sensitive than women.

You need to make him realize that he doesn’t have to be strong for the both of you all the time. You can also contribute to make the weight on his shoulders feel a little lighter. You can share his sorrows and make him realize that he is not alone in this relationship but you are standing right beside him to help him in all the endeavors to fight the upsetting conditions in the imminent future. - Continue reading on next page