10 things that can slowly kill a Potential Romance

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Growing up reading the tales of Prince charming and their loving damsels, all of us in general have been solidly fed with the cliché belief that "true love" is all that is required to glue two people together. But with time, having to experience the emotional rollercoaster of relationships myself and the hops from first dates to breakups and to some very long lasting relationships, along with being a psychoanalyst, my outlook on the recipe of the cement that is supposed to hold two people together has changed altogether in many different ways.

With time, one learns that it is only practical to understand the implications, requirements and expectations of a long lasting relationship. You wouldn't want to ruin a candle lit romance in a single blow, right? Nobody does. But as most of us couples these days, seemingly have a very strong tendency to murder the romantic vibes in only a few meetings, provided the rate of breakups and the amount of streaming down mascara we are seeing these days, it is only intelligent to know how to not self-sabotage a potential romantic relationship, even before the shift from intros to a movie night happens.

A lot of follies that young couples are committing these days tend to fall into approximately a triple-triplet of categories and these nine septas of self caused destruction mechanisms are often labelled as 'faults in our stars'. I mean, it's only wise to place the blame on the stars, no? So sparing the stars for once and starting from the very beginning, and mind you folks that the beginning is not the first date, but the first meeting.


While I totally agree that the first impression is not the last one but it undoubtedly is the first stimulus to trigger a possibility. So one must make sure that after the potential liking, they don't stock things about themselves in the other person's eyes that really don't exist.

And by that, I mean that it's only wise to be yourself and not to be the stereotypical girl that is thought of as the ideal figure for a girlfriend or wife, because sooner or later, in order for a relationship to last, the facade has to come off and you will have to be comfortable eating food in front of each other.