10 Things That Your Man Secretly Loves About You

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"He absolutely adores it when he manages to catch you trying to steal a glance at him. If he catches you looking at him, it will make him feel admired; it makes him feel good about himself and it’ll end up boosting his ego a hundredfold."

Ah, the sweet tastes of love and romance. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in love. Somehow, food tastes yummier. Outdoor air seems fresher. Your perfume smells better. And nature is just more beautiful to look at. It’s as if the beauty of the world is magnified a hundredfold when you’re in love right? The little intimacies of a romantic relationship are enough to keep you happy for prolonged periods of time. You’ve found yourself at a point in your life where it takes a lot to put your mood down. You’re just in a perpetual state of bliss and happiness with your man.

Sure, like every other couple, you have your little disagreements and your rough patches. But your love is always enough to overcome any hurdles that are thrown your way. You always manage to knock down any obstacle with the sheer power of your romantic love. Whenever the both of you are together, you are indeed a sight for sore eyes. You are the envy of your friends because you have a love that seems so raw, natural, and unforced. They also yearn for a love like yours.

So you think to yourself: “What makes our love worth wanting?” You’re not entirely sure why you have such a happy love life. You don’t know what it is about your relationship that just seems to click. You don’t know what you’re doing right, and why your man loves you so much. Well, no one else can answer that question for you, but maybe we can help you out. Here are some 10 things that your man secretly loves about you.

1. He loves it when he can make you smile.

Trust us, ladies. Whenever a man who loves you manages to make you smile, it can brighten up his whole day. All he wants for you is to be happy, if he can make you smile throughout the course of your relationship, he will feel like a success.

2. He loves that he smiles whenever he thinks about you.

He always catches himself smiling whenever you cross his mind. Whether he’s thinking about a funny memory that the two of you have shared or just the fact that you’re together is enough to have him grinning from ear to ear.

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3. He loves your little habits that you’re not aware of.

It can be anything. Maybe you twirl your hair. Maybe you crinkle your nose. Maybe you blink excessively. It doesn’t matter. You have your personal little quirks and he loves all of it.  - Continue reading on the next page