10 THINGS TO BE strictly avoided IN A RELATIONSHIP

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Avoid these things at all costs!

All of us have a different vision when it comes to ideal relationships. While some of us look for a support system in a relationship some others want the Hollywood romance out of it. But whatever it is that we deem ideal there are some factors that count important in every relationship no matter what its circumstances are.

It is very important for a relationship to be healthy and transparent. Both the Hollywood romance and rational love are destined to tumble down the drain if certain things are done wrong. Relationships like claps require contribution from both the hands. There are a lot of factors that ensure a healthy association in any relationship. And vice versa there are a lot of factors that ensure the elimination of healthy from it.

So what is it exactly that ensures and nurtures a healthy relationship? To answer this very important question we have shortlisted certain ‘don’t dos’ that are to be avoided like plague if you wish to enjoy a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Following are 10 things to never do in a healthy relationship:

  1. Compare and Contrast:

The biggest crime you can subject your partner to is his comparison with a colleague, friend, acquaintance, family member or even worse your ex! Doing so will not only make them feel insignificant and demeaned but will also make them feel as if they are not enough for you. In this world someone somewhere sometime will always have it better than you but that certainly does not mean that whatever is keeping them happy will do the same for you. Someone else’s sugar might be your poison.

The act of comparison will not only make your partner feel inadequate but will also take away your peace of mind and contentment in regard to your relationship. It may also be perceived on your partner’s part as a sign of your attraction to someone else. This will surely damage your relationship in irreparable ways and hence should be a big no. - Continue reading on next page