10 things women do that turn men off

A Posted 2 years ago
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This is going to be a two-part series, starting with the women. This one is for the guy, and what turns them off. We all have our own turn offs but some things are just so general that they can be applied to everyone. These are going to be ten of the most common things women do that turn men off. Let's begin.

10. Too much nagging

A little nag here and there is alright and is natural, but it shouldn't become a part of your daily lives. Guy hate it when girls nag too much, it starts affecting them in a negative way. They slowly stop sharing things because they're too tired of the nagging, they slowly start keeping to themselves, all of these things lead to arguments and fights later on since one of the partner isn't being natural and is forcing a lot of things. Everyone complains, it's alright to complain for good reason, but complaining all the time is a huge turn off for men.

9. Flirting/being too friendly with other men

Men hate it when they see their woman being too friendly with someone. Regardless of the fact that your guy friend might go way back and the bond you two share is strong, it's still going to affect your boyfriend in a bad way. When you get in a relationship, you have to change a lot of things about yourself, this is one of them. This can also lead to other destructive things such as jealousy and insecurity.

8. Talking all the time

I personally love having conversations with my girlfriend, we talk on an equal pace and we let each other talk as much as we want as long as we are listening to one another. But my ex used to have a habit of being the leader of the conversations, she just used to talk about her interests, her day, her friends, her likes and dislikes. I never felt like I was part of any conversations with her because I usually just had to say "yes" and "ahan" to be a part of those conversations. This one is another huge turn off for men. Have meaningful conversations that are two-sided.