10 Things Women in their 40s Wish They Knew Before

SB Posted 2 years ago
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40 is a time when most people have set their priorities straight. Life is a harsh teacher, by the time a person is 40, they have discovered themselves. I am sure men feel the same way as any woman is her forties.

Life is full of regrets, but every regret teaches us a valuable lesson. There are numerous things a woman in her forties wish she knew before, some of these things are listed below.

1. Love yourself unconditionally

One kind of regret that most women in their 40’s encounter is, that ‘I should have loved and accepted myself – fully.’ They feel that loving themselves would have saved them a lot of trouble, and prevented them from taking all wrong decisions they took in their lives. If we want to feel loved, we should love ourselves first.

Only then would we be able to be truly happy. When we don’t love and accept ourselves fully we tend to accept abuse, mistreatment, and rejection as if it were something normal and not to be taken too seriously. We let people abuse us. Once you know this person inside you better, you begin to love yourself.

Which, in turn, will make you love and accept others too, and will promote healthy relationships with people.

2. Learn who you really are

Learn more about what interests you, whatever excites you, discover your ‘own’ passions rather than blindly following someone else. Try out new things until you discover something that gives you a sense of warmth, gratification, and happiness inside.

3. Accept your shortcomings

We all have our positives and negatives. We all have our shortcomings, instead of not accepting them, try to overcome them. Let your weaknesses strengthen you. Don’t underestimate what you are capable of just because you have few shortcomings. You are much capable than you think you are, all you have to do is believe in yourself. - Continue reading on next page