10 things you can never stop doing for yourself

A Posted 3 years ago
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Life is a gift, a beautiful gift, but most people don't appreciate the importance of life and they forget that it could be taken away from them at any given second. This article is going to be all about "YOU", on how you need to stop ignoring yourself and spend time on your life because you never know when your'e going to have to say goodbye to it. It's a short journey and we usually waste it on other people rather and also forget ourselves in the process. These are going to be ten promises I need you to make, with yourself, and never break them. Let's begin.

10. Never stop reaching for more

Don't ever stop at one goal, if you've achieved one, reach out for another. You can never have one goal set in life, because you'll eventually achieve it and then you'll think you've done all you could in life, that's not true. You can do more, so much more. Keep you current goal in mind, but make sure you know that life doesn't end there and you have a long way ahead of you, you have a lot more to achieve than just that one thing that you thought was impossible. Nothing is impossible in life, this is coming from a guy who was homeless four years ago and now has quite the lavish lifestyle, it's because I never stopped dreaming and I never stopped reaching out for more. Does this mean you won't be satisfied at any point in life? No, not at all. You'll be satisfied and fulfilled with every goal achieved, you'll just be more pumped for the next one.