10 things you must keep in mind before getting serious with a Scorpio

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Have you ever had the pleasure or misfortune (whichever way you see it) of dating a Scorpio? Then you’re probably aware of how their love has the ability to set fire to all the deepest and darkest corners of your heart. If your partner was born on any day between October 23 and November 21, your love life will be a challenge that you will love to hate!

So if you wish to take up the challenge of being in a relationship with that fiery Scorpio you've always desired, then here is a list of things that you should absolutely know about loving them.

  1. They are very passionate about love

You know how you always fantasized about this deeply romantic, burning love that you thought was just a thing of the movies and those romance novels you used to secretly read? Well, all your fantasies and dreams are about to come true because you can never find someone as passionate and loving as a Scorpio.

  1. Don’t even try to impress them

Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated a little. You can always try. I mean, who am I to stop you? But just know that no matter how intelligent, funny, talented and charming you come out to be, you still won’t ever be a Scorpio, so you’ll automatically lose a few points.

  1. You can never control them

A Scorpio can never be okay with the idea of losing out and of letting someone have the ultimate power. Sure, you can have your own opinions and deal with things the way you want to but you can never actually control them to completely agree with you about everything.

  1. Keep them intrigued

Scorpios appreciate a little mystery, but who doesn’t, right? If you want to make sure that you have their attention at all times, then confuse them a bit, give them something to think about. Now what we’re talking about here is giving them little surprises and planning unique dates, not actually hiding stuff from them or lying in any way.

  1. They’re unbelievably devoted

If you’ve actually gotten the honor of being in a relationship with a Scorpio, then you, my friend, are one lucky person. Because the level of loyalty and devotion you’re about to experience will be like no other relationship that you’ve ever had. If they chose you, then you are truly what they desire. There’s no going back for them.

  1. Betray their trust at your own risk

If they are as loyal to you as possible, then they expect you to be exactly the same way. Don’t ever consider hurting them or betraying their trust because once you’ve done that, there won’t be any second chances. Scorpios don’t forgive and forget in a minute, or even in a year for that matter. And don’t expect them to silently bear the pain you’ve given them, expect some form of ruthless revenge.

  1. They tend to be emotional wrecks

Scorpios are known to hit all kinds of emotional limits. Whether they’re experiencing sadness or happiness, the intensity of both can be pretty overwhelming at times. So be prepared to wipe away their tears or scream with joy and learn to support them at all times

  1. It’s not like they can’t live without you

Scorpios are as independent, daring, and ambitious as they can get. This can turn out to be something great because you’ll both have the chance to live your own lives but it also has a downside to it. In times of distress or when things get tough, they’ll know that they’ll handle themselves fine even if you’re not there.

  1. Expect some jealousy and possessiveness

Scorpios don’t share, period! And definitely not their one true love. They need to tell the world that you are theirs and they will sometimes get obsessive while asserting their love for you. So if you feel like it’s not working out, then leave right now before they get even more attached.

  1. The level of intimacy you’ll share with them will be unparalleled

Whether it’s a passionate night of romance or a simple kiss under the moonlight, a Scorpio will definitely give you some moments you will never forget!

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