10 things you need to know before letting go

A Posted 3 years ago
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Before you think of letting go...

Speaking from experience, letting go of something very dear to you is definitively the hardest thing to do. Your heart and mind are sort of at war with each other and you sometimes just feel like giving it all up. This article is based on my own experiences and what I had to go through before I convinced myself that it's time to let go and move on with my life.

10. Is it worth it?

Letting go of people you were once or still are madly in love with is a horrible thing to go through. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few questions:

1. Will you be hurting yourself more in the future if you stayed?

2. Is there a way that the past won't come back to haunt you one day?

3. Will you be okay one day if you see them again somewhere?

4. Do you have enough strength to let go of the memories?

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    ​9. Don't let others make your decision for you

    Only you yourself know what's best for you. I often let my friends put thoughts in my head and it always made me take the wrong decisions. Be alone, talk to yourself (yes, it's perfectly normal to) and decide for yourself. Do not for one second think what others would say.

    8. Not everything or everyone is meant to stay forever

    If you keep finding it harder to let go, understand that nothing in life is meant to stay forever. People die, relationships break, divorces happen, nothing is meant to stay till the end. We all are only doing our parts in making sure they stay. But in all honesty, nothing does. If you've done your best for someone and you're still not able to keep them in your life, let them go and be happy about it. Use that energy on making yourself happy.

    7. Base your happiness on yourself only

    You can NEVER base your happiness on someone else. If you do, you'll be finding yourself in a very tough spot one day. It's fine to be in love and be happy WITH someone else. But it is seriously NOT fine to depend on someone for happiness. You yourself should be enough to make yourself happy. Love yourself, find joy in yourself, connect with yourself and stop depending on others. Only then can you find the courage to truly let go.

    6. Don't allow yourself to be haunted by the past

    One of the main reasons why we have trouble letting go is because of the memories. Because we let ourselves think and ponder over the past too much. You need to find a way to think of the present and the future, thinking and fretting over the past will only make you weaker. Only you can decide whether you want to cry over the past or make a bright future for yourself.