10 things you need to stop expecting from others

A Posted 2 years ago
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Expectations are bound to hurt you, be it from people or things, as neither of them are under our control. We’re always telling ourselves to stop expecting anything from anyone, yet we can’t help ourselves. In relationships as well, be it a blood, platonic or a romantic one; we tend to have certain expectations from the next person. Even in that case, the expectations should not be unrealistic. While it’s natural to expect love, respect and attention from your partner, you should stop expecting the following things from them:

  1. Expecting them to do what YOU think is right

You should learn to be open and tolerant to how other people think and do things. Be it something as insignificant as making the bed or as significant as dealing with people. What seems right to you might not necessarily seem right to them. And just because you don’t like something or have a strong opinion regarding something, don’t ever expect them to share your views or do anything in accordance. Also be open to the consideration that you too could be wrong. They might do what you want and how you want it at times, but don’t make it a habit of expecting them to keep doing so.