10 things you need to understand to finally be in a "GOOD RELATIONSHIP"

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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We’ve all had serious relationships in our lives, but a few lucky ones amongst us have actually had a 'good' relationship. Sometimes, when you’ve been with someone long enough, you tend to become less attached to the person and more to the amount of time you’ve spent together. What you don’t realize is that just because you’ve spent so many years with a certain person, doesn’t necessarily mean that this person right here is the only true love you can ever have.

With time, we don’t necessarily start to love our partners more, we just tend to get comfortable, we tend to adjust and we tend to forget what love actually is supposed to feel like. Of course, you can’t just find a perfect partner; you have to put in a good amount of time and effort in order to make it perfect. But when you finally do, you feel that unmatched happiness and comfort that only comes with a good relationship. You feel like your heart can’t even contain the love it feels and you start to develop a whole new perspective on life.

Here are 10 things to work on for your relationship to be amazing:

  1. Misunderstandings can’t be avoided

You say things that your partner doesn’t get and they say things that you don’t. What you both need to understand is that communication isn’t a one way street where you just convey your own message and then avoid listening to the other person’s point. You’re two different people, you say and feel things differently, which is why you can sometimes have two completely different takes on the same situation or problem.

When this happens, there’s no point in getting annoyed or jumping to the conclusion that your partner just doesn’t understand you. Misunderstandings are a part of every relationship. Learn to understand and move past them.

  1. Trust is absolutely essential

If you don’t trust your partner, if you can’t go a minute without demanding to check their cellphone, and if you’re never sure of whether they’re telling you the truth or not, then there’s no point in putting yourself, and them, through this torture. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, the one thing that keeps you together in the toughest of times and if you don’t even have that, then it’s just a matter of time before you break up. *Continue reading to next page*