10 things you should never sacrifice for a relationship

A Posted a year ago
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So there are some things that you should never change or abandon to make anybody like you better.

Being in a relationship can be hard. It requires a lot of attention and devotion once you commit yourself to a person. But it clearly does not mean that you have to sacrifice so many things to make someone happy.

We tend to change ourselves in order to make our partner happy but we often forget that in the process of changing, we change the person our partner actually fell in love with. So there are somethings that you should never change or abandon to make anybody like you better.

  1. Your personality:

Do not forget that you are unique. Your personality is totally different from everybody else and you do not have to change it for anyone because that would mean that you are changing your own core. How would you feel to be living with someone who does not love you for who you actually are?

So if you think that your partner does not like your personality then clearly they do not love you for who you are rather, what you can become for them. In a study it was concluded that people with a strong personality live a happier life than those who break down easily for others. Standing up for yourself is not wrong at any level in fact it shows everyone how firm you can be and they will never mess up with you.

Your partner especially needs to understand the importance of you staying strong and same because that is what they fell in love with in the first place.

  1. Your fun:

Relationships are not all about taking stress and worrying all the time. In fact it is the complete opposite. You fall in love and you just want to be happy and have fun with your partner. if your partner is not having enough fun with you and you are not trying out new things then there is no reason to be in this relationship. you actually let go of all your stress and worries once you are with your partner but if that does not happen then you are just wasting your time. - Continue reading on next page