10 things you should never tell a woman

A Posted 3 years ago
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Women are complicated beings. They are beautiful and amazing but it is not easy understanding their state of mind. This article might help you dealing with certain situations when talking to the ladies.

10. Too Many Guys Friends

As a guy, it is one of the weakest moves to make in the beginning of a relationship to tell your girlfriend That she talks to too many guys and you don’t like it. Once you make this mistake, you’ll always be tagged As “insecure” and “bounding” and that comfort level might never come back. She might start hiding stuff From you, they may be minor things, but she will still hide them in order to not hear sermons from you in Return. Relationships are all about trust and space, give them their space and give them your trust, you Will get the same in return. Don’t be insecure.

9. Let’s Talk Later

If you suddenly end a conversation with your girlfriend, she will know something’s up. Don’t, ever, suddenly End a conversation and tell her you’ll talk to her later. A woman’s mind is a very powerful and yet dangerous Thing, don’t let it build a million questions and stories about you like “Why is he ignoring me?”, “Is he not Interested in me anymore?”, “Was it something I said?”, “Is he cheating on me?”. Give her proper attention And time, and if you really are busy you need to let her know why. - Continue reading on next page