10 things you should tell someone before starting a relationship with them

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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It's good to clear these things beforehand.

When you start dating someone, when you feel that initial spark ignite and something inside just screams at you to make it official, and when excitement and happiness are the only things you feel, you tend to overlook the serious part of entering a relationship. You tend to avoid discussing the things that actually matter.

And you take things to the next level, without taking a few important things into consideration. So before you take that leap of faith and before you vow to make this new person your significant other, make sure they know and accept the following things about you:

1. Your political views

    Imagine starting a relationship with someone and finding out later that they’re a huge Donald Trump supporter and they have strong faith that he’ll “make America great again”. Do you think you’ll be able to relate with someone like that? Be clear in the very beginning about which political leaders you support, what ideologies you can relate with, and what the reason behind all your views is.

    2. Your Relationship with your ex

      Okay, you’re not obligated to remain extremely friendly with your ex, neither are you obligated to make them your one true enemy. The relationship you have with your ex depends completely on how you ended it and the situations that followed. Whatever the case may be, you are obligated towards one thing only: letting your new partner know exactly what kind of relationship you both still share because this is something that can have an effect on your new relationship as well. *Continue reading on next page*

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