10 Things You Shouldn’t Hold Against Your Boyfriend

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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"As long as you don’t feel suffocated, a little jealousy and insecurity is normal."

Let’s face it guys, no two humans are the same and same is the case with your boyfriend. He does not act the same way as you do and because of the differences, it can be hard to avoid arguments and resentments. Moreover, every relationship requires some sort of adjustments and compromises. On top of that, men are very dissimilar to women which is why we’ve hunt down a few things that you should never hold against your man:

  1. Forgetfulness

Men, generally, are forgetful creatures. Yes, they do forget things sometimes but you have to understand that a man has a lot of responsibilities and a lot of things on his plate. They do feel bad about forgetting things and most of them even apologize or make up for it later. It is never okay to hold a long time grudge for their forgetfulness because that’s something built-in, in the male psyche and you do not need to take it personally.

  1. Jealousy

Every man gets a little jealous and insecure every now and then. This fact can be attributed to their naturally protective and possessive nature. A little jealousy does not mean that he is trying to control you or trying to snatch your freedom, what it does mean, is that he is acting on his nature. Why would you hold it against him if he is a bit scared of losing you?

As long as you don’t feel suffocated, a little jealousy and insecurity is normal.
  1. Space

Men, sometimes, get exhausted from all the daily life stress and that is why, they need some time to return to their normal selves and most men do it by being alone for a while. So the next time he asks for a little alone time, do not hold that against him, he is not sick of you and it is not about you at all. However, if he wants to be alone for more than 48 hours, then your anger is understandable.  - Continue reading on the next page