10 Things Your Girlfriend Does to Make Your Relationship Shine

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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It’s the little things in life that become inscribed in someone’s heart forever. In your lover’s absence, these are the things that haunt you the most. Maybe you strolled around the park with them, they held your hand for the first time or they caressed your soul with their supporting remarks and the world started to make sense, maybe even just for a minute.

When your girlfriend genuinely cares about you, all these things start to reveal themselves, these little gestures of kindness and love. She doesn’t even try too hard to do them; they just automatically become something she has no control over. They make you smile and the butterflies in your heart start to replicate, day after day, and increase their population.

Love has the power to make you a better person no matter what you think. I know we all have experiences of tragedies and disasters that have made us lose all hope in the power of love but love is always the remedy. When your girlfriend does all these things, it won’t only make you love her more but these things will also transform you into a newer and better version of yourself which was always there… concealed in the bottomless abyss of emptiness and seclusion. Her actions will have the power to draw you out from years of hiding.

Everyone meets someone in their lives who leaves a permanent impression. Their actions change something within you; you can feel it in your bones. Things they do for you will always be a reminder that love is the savior.

Here are somethings that your girlfriend will do that will lighten up your day:

  1. She knows about your insecurities and tries to protect them

We all have insecurities and brittle edges that can eventually turn our mood off. For some, it might be looks; for others, it might be career related. If your partner really knows you, they’ll try to protect these fragile insecurities, even when you’re in public. For example, if someone criticizes you in public about something, she will try to defend you and even if she doesn’t at that moment, she will try to appease you afterwards, making you realize that someone’s opinions isn’t supposed to be your reality.

Sure, she’ll tease you and use all these things against you sometimes when you’re in a playful mood, but it will be evident that she doesn’t mean to hurt you, and banter is always good for a relationship. It keeps it interesting, not monotonous and dull. *Continue reading to next page*