10 things Your guy does to make you feel like you are in a Real Life fairytale!

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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So, let’s say you were stuck in the rain, drenched from head to toe and then a guy just appears – poof! – And offers to share his umbrella (and the jacket, let’s not forget the jacket) and suddenly you start seeing the knight-in-shining-armor in him? Or maybe it’s simply the guy that sits at the back of your chemistry class and offers you a smile every time you see him?

Let’s admit it; we’re a sucker for the Augustus Waters type of boys. So, maybe while we spend our whole time looking for the balcony-visiting streak in our significant others, we miss out on the real signs. Now, we’ve all had terrible experiences and maybe that’s why we sometimes refuse to see our soul mates for who they are.

What signs should we look for? What are the signs of true love, you say? Is it the sparks when you kiss or the tunnel-vision when you see them? Not exactly.

  1. The way he says your name.

Ladies, he will absolutely caress your name in his mouth. His tone will audibly change. Maybe, it won’t be obvious to others but it is highly recommended that you pay attention the next time he says your name. It’ll feel like his voice is cradling the sound of your name (mind you, it will resonate in your very soul; don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

  1. He will start reading your mind.

That’s right, you’ll start suspecting him of telepathy. It’s widely said that people who bond on a deep level will eventually find their minds (and hearts) in sync. Next thing you know, he’ll be completing your sentences – sometimes thoughts, even – and you’ll stare in awe at him while he smugly stands there, appreciating how well he knows you (don’t doubt it, he does.) - Continue reading on next page