Top 10 Ways To Make Your Woman Happy

A Posted 9 days ago
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8. Trust and respect her.

Don’t demean and belittle her. Don’t treat her like a child. Put her on equal footing with you. Respect her as a mature individual who is in a mature relationship with you.

9. Apologize whenever you screw up.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of her happiness. There are so many relationships all over the world that crumble because of oversized egos. Learn to just swallow your pride and own up to whatever mistakes or shortcomings you might have in the relationship. Apologize whenever you wrong her. It might not be easy to earn her forgiveness. But it’s definitely a good step to getting her to be happy with you again.

10. Stay loyal to her.

This is something that should be plainly obvious. You can’t expect your girl to be happy if you are unfaithful to her. Be committed to her and to her alone. Don’t make her feel like she’s a mere option to you. Always make her feel like a true priority.

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