10 Very toxic relationships strong people avoid

A Posted 3 years ago
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From the day we are born, we are taught things. We are taught to speak, to write, to spell and everything in between. As we progress in life, we are taught social ethics, we get to know the difficulties life brings our way, we are taught to be strong and face our problems. What we miss out are the very basics of human nature
, we are never properly taught ways to avoid toxic and harmful relationships, we just get warned without the means of getting out of them or turning them into something they're not. This article is going to be just that, I'm going to talk about ten of the most harmful and toxic relationships that strong people stay away from, let's begin.

10. Relationships controlled by one person

Relationships are between two people, two people who are brave enough to give someone else their trust and love. They can never be controlled by one person, it's just not possible. I've seen a lot of such relationships where one person runs the show and also brags about it, that's not a relationship, that's dictatorship and it always ends badly for both the of people involved. Strong people avoid being in such relationships, unless equal effort is put in from both sides, a relationship can not blossom or grow. If you feel like you're being run by the person you love, you need to set some records straight and let your voice be heard, because you just simply CANNOT let anyone run you, you have your own say about life, you have your own take on things and so do they, respect each others' processes and help each other grow.

 9. Relationships that make you feel "complete"

I've said this countless times before, you simply cannot be in a relationship before you completely know and love yourself. If you rely on someone else to be your happiness for you, you're not going to be happy for very long because you'll slowly become a burden for the other person. You need to be "complete" on your own before you share a life with someone, you need to be content with yourself, happy with who you are, satisfied with where you're going in life before you commit yourself to someone. Relationships are meant to enhance the feelings of being happy and complete, not BE the feelings. - Continue reading on next page