10 Warning Signs You’re in Bad Company

SB Posted 2 years ago
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I hate to say it, but you learn so much about life from bad company. they tend push you into situations which almost ruin you. You go through a phase of emotional evaluation and self-construction, just to feel secure around people again. Most people end up being scarred for life. The weird part is that you don’t actually realise that these people were blood sucking leaches until they leave your side. They tend to let you go at the worst possible time.

People like me are left with nothing but grief and regret, I still have trust issues. It took me a year to be able to confront people again; I deactivated all my social media accounts and changed my numbers. I couldn’t even face people I really loved. These people tend to ruin your life, they destroy you and your confidence; they make the most of your misery because they don’t have any ambition in life. Their lives are so pathetic and so meaningless that they seek pleasure in the pain and suffering of other human beings. Here are some things that indicate that you have bad company.

  1. They want you to be someone else

These people imply that it’s not okay to be you. They want you to be their versions of perfection. They take everything negatively and tend to rub off their negativity on you! You try hard to please them but they always have an excuse to be unsatisfied. They make you feel as if you need their approval to be someone in life. They know how to hack your mind and ruin your self-esteem in the process.