10 Ways Guys React Differently to Breakups than Girls

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One day you are his Sally and he’s your Harry and it’s the perfect setup for a steamy RomCom. And the very next day you are cooped up in your den wearing wrinkly jammies, an unwashed face and binging on junk. The guy (formerly ‘yours’) on the other hand is in a club with friends, dancing to a loud beat and savoring eye candy.

How on earth did this turn of events take place? Well that is a topic entirely for another day. Right now the question is the apparent indifference on the guy’s part, who apparently seems to have moved on at the speed of light, while the girl sits drenched in despair. But has he really moved on? Or is it just we who are judging too soon?

Guys might apparently look unfazed by a breakup, but if you take time to stare into their eyes, you'll see a painful void waiting to be filled with alcohol and partying. It is commonly believed that women are more emotional of the two sexes and hence also the more affected of the two. But that might not be the actual case.

In fact, men secretly suffer more as they are not as equipped in the emotional and social sector as girls to handle break ups.

There's a popular myth differentiating guys’ reactions to breakups than girls.

Day 1: Guys party, girls are devastated.

Day 2: Guys start suffering as it sinks in while the girls are still glum.

Day 3: Guys start feeling lonely and devastated whereas the girls feel liberated.

So why it that the reactions guys have to breakups differ so much than girls? Mainly because both of them have different social standings and also because they process emotions quite differently.

Following are some of the 10 ways in which guys differ in reacting to breakups than girls:

  1. MEN INITIALLY IGNORE IT ALL (A primitive coping mechanism):

While women love to talk about their feeling and get it all out post breakups, men do not act very similar in this respect. Men try to avoid emotions and in an attempt to do so they will pretend that everything is okay. They will ignore the gravity of the situation and duck away from the cupid. In a guy’s mind as long as the he ignores your complaints and tears he thinks that everything is okay.

Men avoid analyzing the situation. Women are known to analyzing and over analyzing situations where as men shut themselves out. The reason is that while women use both sides of their mind for assessing both the visual and emotional clues in a situation men only tend to access verbal reasoning. - Continue reading on next page