10 ways some men badly fail in relationships

A Posted 2 years ago
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Mistakes are inevitable. And at the same time they are forgivable. But what if you don’t even know that you’re doing something wrong, or don’t realise it, or are simply ignorant. How can you apologise for something that you don’t apprehend to be wrong? Relationships are sensitive business. Men do understand that but they have these false impressions in their mind about how to handle a relationship. And by acting on them, they are damaging their relationships to the point of no return without a clue.

A few examples of such mistakes are as follows:

  1. You NEED to get heard at all costs

You’re just sitting there, hearing her go on and on and on, just waiting for your turn to speak, and some of you don’t even extend that courtesy. So even though, you’re not listening to her, she is obliged to hold on to every word you say, simply because what you say matters the most. And what is worse than pretending to be listening? All the distractions! Your phones, the TV screens or something happening outside that obviously needs your attention more than the girl sitting across from you. - Continue reading on next page