10 ways to build trust in a relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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Love, respect and trust all go together. Even if one of the links is missing, the whole thing falls apart. The thing about trust is that; it needs to be earned. You can’t expect someone to just hand it over to you. Some of us are very reluctant to place our trust in people, either as a virtue of our personality or past experiences that have driven us to this point. A healthy relationship is built on trust and cannot thrive without it. It is the most satisfying feeling to know that you have someone’s trust. They choose to let you in on things no one else knows of.

To know this feeling of content, one must adopt a few conducts such as the following:

  1. Be open

Whatever it is that goes on in your life; let your partner know about it. Don’t keep secrets. Even if there is something you can’t tell them presently, but might do so when you’re ready, make sure they know. Withholding something only creates doubts. Doubts lead to trust issues.

Be open about your relationship with your family, friends, co-workers etc. especially when it involves people from the opposite gender. Since jealousy takes the better of us, this is something not to be taken lightly.