10 Ways To Increase The Oxytocin In Your Body

A Posted 10 months ago
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Increase your "love hormone"!

To those who aren’t familiar to the term, oxytocin is a hormone in the human body that heavily influences the dynamics of a female’s reproductive system. Everything that concern’s the health of a woman’s uterus and lactation is dependent on a person’s oxytocin levels.

In popular terminology, oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone” to many people because of its vitality and sporadic nature. Relationships can play a huge role in determining a woman’s oxytocin levels. There are a few ways a woman can trigger an increase in their body’s oxytocin levels.

1. Experience the physical touch of another person.

The quickest way to increase a woman’s oxytocin levels is via the physical touch of another person. Whether it be through subtle strokes of the arm, intimate hugs, passionate kisses, or casual caresses, a physical touch can dramatically alter a female’s oxytocin levels. There’s no denying the emotional and physiological effects that an intimate touch of another person can bring. A physical touch can stimulate a human body in more ways than are typically known.

2. Hear words of love, affection, and encouragement from other people.

It’s normal for us to always feel better about ourselves whenever compliments or words of encouragement are thrown our way. We feel that appreciation and we transform it into an expression of love. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that triggers an increase whenever we are experiencing moments of love or kindness with other people. That is why the oxytocin levels of a person increase also whenever we are the ones who are giving compliments and offering words of kindness. Emotional interactions like these play a heavy role in manipulating oxytocin.

3. Be in the presence of someone who is a great conversationalist.

There are very few sane people in the world who like to always be ignored. All of us crave for attention in our own personal manners and degrees. Some crave for it a lot more than others, but the truth remains that we all want our existence to be acknowledged in some shape or form. That’s why our hormones automatically trigger up a firestorm whenever we are shown appreciation or whenever we feel like our lives are validated by others.- Continue reading on the next page