10 Ways to Love a Sagittarius

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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When you're with a Sagittarius- stay adventurous, stay yourself and allow them to be themselves; nothing more and nothing less.

Sagittarius men and women are known for their love of freedom and independence in both love and life. They crave intimacy and closeness but what they also greatly desire is some personal space. It is not a difficult task to love a Sagittarius but if you want to do your homework before starting to spend more time with a Sagittarius, these ten tips will greatly help you.

  1. See What They See:

You do not have to be exactly like them to love them and not change your opinions in order to be loved by them; try to see what they want you to see and make them feel heard, that is all they ask for. They have a vast view of life; there is space and freedom in their ideas just like in their life. When they describe things to you their way, listen carefully to tell them you care about what they think.

  1. Take It Slow:

Since they are all about living life and doing what the heart wants, they might not react nicely to the pressure of commitment. They take their time to get to know a person before making any kind of promises. They are not the kind that says ‘maybe’ when what they really want to say ‘no’. If you want to take it smooth with a Sagittarius, take it slow.

  1. Offer Freedom:

If you are a Virgo or a Taurus, you might not be able to cope with a Sagittarius but you might find it easy to keep up with them if you are Gemini or Leo. Sagittarius men and women require mental simulation which can be provided by either Sagittarius themselves or Libra and Aquarius who are not so high-maintenance. Understand the needs and wants of a Sag guy or girl and you will find your way. - Continue reading on the next page