10 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship is actually Real or Not?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Yes, you love that person and he or she loves you back, as well, but you are afraid deep inside that there is a chance that things might not go as planned and they walk away.

'Love' and 'feelings' are the two words that pop in our minds when we hear the word “relationship”. It is all about the emotions of the love birds. The feelings of the two can change pretty quickly as the days pass, I mean, it must have happened to most of you in a relationship when you get up in the morning and you feel all happy and positive but by night you feel completely down. And not just down like you are tired or something, but you begin to experience a new kind of emotion and pain, something you’ve never experienced before. 

Now, we hear many people saying that relationships are all about moments of ecstasy and euphoria, and the level of happiness is unmatched, and yes, they are right about this but the problem is that they are not considering A LOT of other things that happen along with the good things.

This is because even the best relationship will have negative feelings as well as the positive ones. The difference here is that the negative feelings will be totally different than the ones you have experienced before.

The feeling is absolutely new to you, you will feel sad but the sorrow here will be the one that comes from a very deep yearning. You will feel scared, but it will be different this time because this fear will be the one that is arising when you are totally dependent on another person. You will feel absolutely blind, but at the same time you will be able to see everything perfectly. And finally, you will feel empty inside, because this time, you are the one who is giving so much away.

You won’t really hear many people talking about these negative emotions when the word “relationship” pops up, that is because without the context, they sound really unappealing. Continue reading to next page