11 Indications that You Are Loving Him a Little Too Much

A Posted a year ago
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It’s okay. We understand. You have lots of love within you that you need to share with other people. That’s probably why you got into a relationship in the first place. You want someone to share that copious amount of love with. However, it may get excessive at some point. You may find yourself getting hurt because your love isn’t being reciprocated at the same level. Your selflessness might be the cause of your own misery. How do you know whether you may be love your boyfriend a little too much?

If your generous expression of love worries you, here are some basic signs that you should be looking out for.

1. You Let Him Abuse You

Physical and emotional torment should never be acceptable in any situation, particularly in a relationship. If he’s always hitting you or verbally abusing you, and you continue to just let him to it, then you’re probably loving him a little too much. You love him to the point where you don’t care that he’s actually destroying you in the process.

2. You Tolerate His Poor Grooming

He stinks. His fingernails are dirty. He’s unshaven. His hair is getting a little long and untidy. His clothes are unwashed. And yet, despite all these, you don’t feel compelled to fix any of these. You love him regardless of these poor grooming habits. That’s just sad. Love doesn’t have to mean giving up basic hygiene.

3. You Forgive Him for Infidelities

Girl, if he’s always cheating on you with other women, just break it off. Stop loving him. He doesn’t deserve you at all, and if you find yourself constantly forgiving him, you probably love him a little too much. No one should ever have to endure infidelity. If he makes a mistake once, and you forgive him, that might be fine. But when it’s a series of cases, then you’re just lying to yourself about your relationship. - Continue reading on the next page