11 Qualities Every Truly Happy Relationship Has In Common

A Posted a year ago
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"Having each others back, at all times!"

Of course, physical attraction and quality chemistry was what brought you together in the first place. It is what compelled you to lower your guard and allow yourself to get smitten by another person. So you chose to take a risk and let yourself serve as a target for cupid’s arrow. You took a leap of faith, and now you’re in a steady relationship with someone you think has the potential to be your life partner. But you have to understand as early as now that it takes so much more than physical attraction and chemistry to make a relationship work.

It requires a lot of patience, understanding, sensitivity, and respect for a relationship to maximize its full potential. If you still feel like you’re in the dark with regards to how a good relationship is supposed to look like, then this article is going to shed some light unto your situation. Here are the most common qualities that are present in genuinely happy relationships:

1. Empathy

In order for ANY relationship to work, there always has to be a healthy semblance of empathy there. Every person needs to have a basic sense of understanding when they are interacting with other people. You have to establish a personal connection with someone in a way that you can sense what the other is feeling or thinking at any given moment.

2. Compromise

No successful relationship has ever been built by people who refused to compromise. Relationships are tough because you are forced to give up huge bulks of who you are just to accommodate another person in your life. That is why compromises are always necessary. Things aren’t always going to go your way, and you should be okay with that.

3. Comedy and Humor

A sense of humor can go a long way when it comes to long-term relationships. Remember that while physical attraction may have been what drew the both of you closer to begin with, looks will eventually fade. However, a sense of humor and character only get better with time. That is why it’s important to be with someone with whom you share excellent rapport.- Continue reading on the next page