11 Reasons guys Love Being in a Relationship

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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The single life does come with a lot of perks, but no guy ever wishes to spend his entire life just fishing around in the dating pool. Because eventually, the water is going to get cold, his fingerprints are going to get wrinkled, and there will be very few fish left in the sea that actually get attracted towards him.

Every man hopes to end up in a relationship at some point in life. He wants someone to share his days with, someone who can be happy with him in his triumphs and comfort him during his failures, and someone who can finally give his life a purpose.

Here are 11 reasons guys love being in a relationship:

  1. A lot of intimacy, and no strings

Okay, at least no NEW strings. He is already committed to you before deciding to get naked, before exploring the details of your body and letting you explore his, and before giving you some amazing nights to remember and live by. So he won’t ever have to deal with any subtle or not so subtle “What will this mean for us?” conversations later.

  1. He won’t ever have to deal with any awkward morning-afters, either

You can both decide to make breakfast, or not. You can both decide to discuss last night, or not. You can both talk about your day’s plan, or not. But whatever you both ultimately decide to do, there won’t be any hidden subtext in it. And none of you will be forced into doing the walk of shame or taking a cab home.

  1. He will finally have someone who can appreciate his ability to hang shelves, clocks and picture frames

Yes, he’s handy. He has tools, machines, and all of that cool stuff. No big deal, right? But the truth is it’s a pretty huge deal for him. He wants to show off all his skills, and his friends aren’t usually that easily impressed. So it feels nice to finally have someone to acknowledge and appreciate all the things he can do.