4 Reasons Why I’m Not Afraid Of Being Single, I’m Afraid Of Dating

A Posted 2 years ago
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It is so common when you hear someone say that they are afraid they’ll spend their lives alone. What I have come to realise after a few bad experiences is that I would rather be alone and happy then to be frustrated and committed or hurt and committed, depressed and committed, and feel-like-trash and committed.

In life, we keep running after the things everyone else we know is running after. Initially, crushes then boyfriends then partners then a family man/woman. That is what everyone is running after, right?
But in the race to achieve these before others do, we end up making the wrong decisions and later regret our decisions. So I thought a lot and came up with the things I’d rather be happy and better off without.

1. I am not afraid to come to an empty house, I’m more afraid of catching my partner with someone else in my house

Being cheated on is the biggest shock you can get in life. It is the same for everyone, you do think of your partner cheating, often, because of a few tell signs but you shrug that feeling off, till you find your partner with another person. It takes you back and you are immediately sent in a state of denial, immediately followed by feeling betrayed, regretting all the efforts you made and eventually feeling stupid for trusting someone so deeply.

You feel like you, yourself wasted your own life on someone who didn’t even deserve a second look. It is a horrible feeling. I can say that because out of three serious relationships I've had, two of them cheated on me. - Continue reading on the next page