11 relationship rules to live by for the strong and independent women out there

A Posted 2 years ago
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As it always has been, you need to love yourself first to learn to love someone else. It helps you draw the line between needing and wanting to have a significant other. When you can distinguish between the two, only then you’d fathom your worth and act accordingly, consequently compelling the next person to realize what they have when you’re in a relationship with them. Why must women make all the sacrifices? Even if this has worked out well for some of you in the past, were you truly at peace with yourself? Most probably not. Some of you still might be in a conflict with yourself to choose your dignity or your partner.

No one should have to be in such a position. Stop tormenting yourself and start putting yourself first. Here are a few things you should stick by in order to attain inner peace when it comes to relationships;

  1. Once a cheater, always a cheater

If you’ve been in such a situation, even while filled with anger and disappointment towards them; there must have been a little voice telling you that everyone deserves a second chance. You need to silence this voice immediately!!! If they can do it once, they might do it again as well. You’d always have doubts, and without trust a relationship just cannot exist.

Even in instances where feelings aren’t that strong or it’s simply not working out, cheating is never an option. The decent thing to do is to break up if you’re looking for a way out.