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  • 11 shocking truths you didn’t know she hides from you

    We all keep secrets, even from those we hold close to us. Sometimes it might be intentional, while at other times, you just know the other person isn’t at the stage where they understand you well. Hiding things from then becomes kind of a necessity…or so you might think.

    Why would relationships be any different? From the littlest of things to major life-changing events, you might be keeping a secret from your significant other. Does it make you any less of a sweetheart in their eyes? Definitely not. Sometimes, he might not be as understanding or patient as you want him to, given the circumstances.

    Similarly, she might not be as open-minded as you want her to be, also given the circumstances. There’s a proper time for everything. Until you reach that point, things you keep from him are secrets, whether you like that or not.

    So to all the guys out there who often find themselves wrapped in wonderment over what the love of their life might be keeping hidden from them, read the following 15 shocking truths she might be hiding from you.

    1. Women tell their besties everything

    She might not tell you up front, but her besties have got her back at all times. That goes on to say, if you two have a fight and you blame her, make her cry, got her flowers for her birthday when she expected more – her best friends will know all about it. Then if you he ask her whether she tells her besties about you, her answer will depend on how much she likes you at that moment. Why? Because she knows that eventually that her friends will stick around longer than her man.

    1. Women keep their beauty tips a secret

    She might look beautiful without some touch of mascara or a dash of powder, but there are times when that natural beauty exceeds the natural tag and hardly looks human. So she hides this fact but yes, she does creep out of bed early in the morning just to add that touch mascara and powder. Why? Simple. Because making herself look good makes her feel good and confident about herself. He might not even notice it at times, so you might wonder to yourself ‘Why do I go through all this trouble?’ And that’s when you do it for yourself…a surprising truth she’ll keep to yourself. – Continue reading on the next page