11 signs she’s worth marrying

A Posted 2 years ago
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Saying that sharing your life with someone is a big deal; is an understatement. The enormity of the matter is beyond that. You’re living your life comfortably, your own way, on your own terms one day, and then you’re supposed to spend the rest of your days with someone else. You know you love her; why else would you even consider marriage. You’ve probably been living together or at least stayed over a couple of times, and you loved every bit of it. But as you think of making the whole thing permanent; panic attack! You’re worried that things might change for the worse if you get married, or if you’d be able to adjust to the new living situation or not, or a whole bunch of other qualms.

Marriage is the biggest step forward in a relationship and an enormous matter too. The word ‘wedding’ does not describe properly what it means and the ways in which it changes the lives of two people and their families. It is the merging of two completely different lives together. The life you have been living alone is to be shared with another person; everything you do will involve her too. You may have spent some nights with her or may have been living together for some time, but marriage would still haunt you sometimes. But it will not be too haunting an experience if you see the signs that tell you she is worth marrying. Here are 11 signs that, if you see in her, may rid you of all the doubts.

  1. You share similar values

She doesn’t necessarily have to be on board with everything, unless you’re living in a perfect world, which you’re not. She doesn’t have to agree with you on everything, but there are things you two should definitely have in common; your values. Religion, humanity, family, friends, and goals among other things that you hold in utmost importance. It’s going to be really difficult to live with someone who doesn’t share the same basic values as you.

She does not always have to see eye to eye with you and neither should she undoubtedly believe all your plans. It is not a perfect world we are living in so it is perfectly normal for her to disagree with you on certain matters but there are some things that you two need to share with each other, and those are values. Religion, views, family and friends ought to be interests common in you and her. Having different and opposite views and values can cause problems but if she shares the same values as yours, that is a good sign.

  1. She not only gets you, but is your biggest supporter as well

She knows what you want from life and your relationship. She understands and believes in your vision. You can always count on her to be there for you till you achieve your goals and of course even after that. Her confidence in you washes away any doubts that you might have. She realises your struggle, and compromises without complaining.

Not only does she respects your goals and helps you achieve them but also she supports you to pursue every dream you have. She doesn’t back you down and discourage you but makes you believe in yourself and lives every moment of a hardship with you. Her compromises are not a show-off but are silent; she is supportive and lives your struggle like it is hers. - Continue reading on next page