11 signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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A friend of mine made me write this article, she's in a tough spot because she is single for the past six months and she started feeling bad for herself. She thought that just because she's single, she couldn't be happy anymore, so she tried rushing into a few relationships which ended badly. This article is for everyone who rush into relationships, relationships happen naturally, they can't be rushed or forced. If any of these red flags strike a nerve with you, be single until you can properly find yourself. These are the signs to tell whether you're ready for a relationship or not. Let's begin.


A lot of people think relationships are a way to happiness, well that's not completely true. It depends on the place you are in life before you think about relationships being the source of happiness. If you are someone who is unhappy about life, relationships can NOT make you happy. You'll only be burdening the other person and taking their happiness away out of sheer selfish needs to be happy yourself.

If you're unhappy with yourself or your life, you need to work on yourself. You need to be a happy person on your own before you can get into a commitment with someone. When you're a happy person, your partner will be happy just by being around you, you two can share each other's happiness for a much healthier relationship. Work on yourself, enjoy life and start loving yourself before you can love another.


Do you often find yourself thinking about your ex? Do you miss him/her? Do you have certain triggers that instantly remind you of them? Then you're definitely not ready for a new relationship. Your past is yours alone, you cannot and should not carry that baggage into someone else's life who expect to have all of your love and attention

You won't be able to be fair with someone new if the thoughts of your ex still haunt you. Having a rebound is always a definite no, because you just can't play with someone's life and feelings like that. It's always better to wait it out and deal with all of your past feelings and get proper closure before you dive into a new commitment.


If you can hardly take time out for your own self, you should not promise someone else your time. If you are a very busy person, who can't even take enough time out for friends and family, you'll only be making your own life harder by being in a relationship.

Make time for yourself, take time out, fix your timings and work hours, have a proper and healthy schedule, make sure your family and friends are happy with the time you give them, and finally you can share your time with someone you want to live with. You definitely can't tell anyone "I love you" one day and tell them "I'm busy" the next, nobody is completely free in this world and relationships are all about setting your priorities straight.  - Continue reading on the next page