11 Signs You Are With The Person You Should Marry

A Posted 3 years ago
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If you've found this level of chemistry, it's worth keeping forever!

While being the most fantasised moment of our lives, marriage is also one of the  most dreaded experiences and hey, why not? It is one of the biggest decisions of our lives, changes almost everything, with the right person these changes will be for the better and long lasting. So, how do we know if we have found the right one, they sure don't come with  flashing red lights or a halo on their heads, if only that was possible, but in the real world you have to look out for these pointers. Here's our guide to help you with this leap of faith.

11. You feel at home with them

There is a feeling of comfort with this person, an unmatched sense of familiarity, the  time spent with them is free of any pretence. They are easy to talk to, about anything and everything, you can go from having a deep conversation with them to talking about nothing in particular, or just share a peaceful silence with them. It is extremely easy being with them.

10. You want similar things in life

This does not necessarily mean working in the same profession, that will just be a bonus, but you know that life will constantly change and grow but it will not affect your relationship, you will grow together. Your long term goals run parallel to each other; whether it is choosing which city to live in, marriage, kids etc, you two are on the same page. - Continue reading on next page