11 Signs you aren't ready to be in a relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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A lot of us get into a relationship when we are not really ready to be in one, if you identify with any of the following, then you are one of those people.

11. You're still not over your ex

If you are still Facebook stalking your ex, your gallery is full of their Instagram posts, you find yourself remembering the happy times you shared with them, you 'miss' them; then this is a blazing sign that you're not ready to be in  a relationship. You need to get rid of the past baggage to make room for a new relationship.

Also, you may want to get in a relationship, just to distract yourself from the previous heartbreak, you need to understand that you are not being fair to the other person involved, unless they are okay to be your rebound.

10. You're not ready to share your life

It's a given in a relationship, that you two have to share your life with each other and adjust your schedules to make time for the relationship. If you are too busy, not ready to make amends in your routine or you're too independent and don't like the idea of having to inform your partner about your sudden plans, you feel like you own your life and aren't ready to let someone be a part of it, you can't even think of sharing your bed with someone then you shouldn't be leading someone on and giving them hopes.

9. You only like the dating period of a relationship

You are a sucker for the initial months of a relationship, when you're just getting to know the person, going out of romantic dates etc but as soon as the infatuation starts to wear off, so does your interest in the other person and you're back swiping your fingers on Tinder, you're definitely not prepared for a commitment you are a 'serial dater'.

8. You are not ready to give up on the partying lifestyle

You live alone and you like to party alone, you like to go out almost every night and there are no time limits or restraints, you might even bring back people for the night and you find the idea of giving up your wild lifestyle abominable. - Continue reading on the next page