11 Terrible Mistakes Women Tend to Make In Relationships

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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It’s true that when a relationship ends badly, when things start falling out-of-place, and when the possibility of a happy ending just keeps getting dimmer and dimmer, there is never just a single reason behind this downfall. It’s always a combination of factors- he never paid as much attention as you needed, you kept holding it against him when he got too caught up at work, there was never enough trust built between you two and much more.

And as hard as it is to actually pinpoint those factors and determine a general pattern of behavior that ends up leading to a breakup, there are always some common mistakes that a man or woman tends to make in a relationship- mistakes that can possible have some horrible long-lasting effects, mistakes that you don’t even realize at that moment but definitely regret later and mistakes that are completely avoidable if you just place some effort into recognizing them earlier.

So if you’re a woman who is looking for love, read on to know the 11 terrible mistakes women tend to make in a relationship and make sure you avoid these at all costs:

  1. You don’t actually appreciate the things he does for you

It’s not uncommon for women to feel automatically entitled to all the things their man does for them. Whether it’s taking you out to expensive dinners that may or may not be easy for him to afford, or picking you up and dropping you from any place any time regardless of his time constraints, or buying you random gifts just to let you know how much he adores you or simply taking care of you and protecting you in every way possible- it’s true that he does all of this out of love and that no one ever forced him to do any of this.

But it’s also true that some kind of acknowledgment and a bit of appreciation won’t do you any harm. In fact, it will only encourage him to do even more for you in an even more selfless way. And if you keep taking advantage of him in every way possible without ever returning the favor or without ever making him feel like you love and care for him the same way he does, it’s won’t be long before he finds someone else- someone who actually knows how to value him. - Continue reading on the next page