When Queen Bey asks, “Who run the world?” You’ll find all the ladies screaming in unison, “GIRLS!” And yet, here all of us are- lonely, sad, single and running after a man, who is only going to make us lonelier and sadder eventually.

After some careful self-reflection, I have finally realized that us single ladies are capable of doing a number of other things in the world instead of just running after men. Because we are strong. We are independent. And we are ten times more fun when we’re not stressed over impressing a guy or satisfying his ego.

Here are 11 things you could be chasing instead of running after a man:

  1. Your dream job


If you are still unemployed or stuck, since years, in a job you could completely hate, then you can spend your time going after that dream job you had in your mind since you were 15. A wise man once said that it’s better to do what you love than to try to love what you do, since the latter will be much more difficult to accomplish in life.

So place all the energy and time that you were otherwise going to spend on keeping a man happy, in trying your best to get the job that had always felt like a distant dream to you.

  1. A big promotion at your current job


A relationship always comes with a lot of responsibility and also a lot of time that you waste- time that could otherwise be spent more productively. Instead of constantly trying to work your ass off for a guy who may or may not be there for you a few years down the line, start working towards landing that huge promotion at your office.

  1. New friends


Having a boyfriend who will cuddle with you and who will keep whispering sweet nothings in your ear is surely an amazing feeling. However, an even better feeling is to have a group of girlfriends who will always look out for you and will be there when you want to party. Who doesn’t want to have a squad as awesome as Taylor Swift’s?

Not only will you get some really hot Instagram pictures out of this, but you will also be left with friends who are infinitely more patient and tolerable than a boyfriend. Go out and meet new people instead of swiping left on Tinder. – Continue reading on next page