11 Things that tell you he’s definitely husband material

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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When you start to fall in love with someone, when you begin to imagine a future with them, and when the only thing that makes you smile anymore is knowing that you have someone as amazing as them in your life- that’s the point when your judgment starts to get a bit clouded and when all rationality and logic is usually thrown out the window.

You stop thinking about things practically and all that matters to you at this point is how much you love the person standing in front of you. This is why you sometimes fail to acknowledge some of the subtle and even some of the very obvious problems that might come up once the honeymoon period of the relationship is over.

And we are here to save you from just that! Here is a list of 11 things that can help you judge if the guy you’re with is actually worth all your time and efforts or whether it’s time to just say goodbye:

  1. He truly respects you

If your relationship isn’t based on the foundation of mutual respect, how long do you really think it can last? And by respect, I don’t mean that he just talks about you in an admirable way while speaking offensively about most other girls. Either he respects all women or he doesn’t! Be with a guy who respects you for the way you dress, for the opinions you have, for the emotions you feel and for the way you decide to live your life.

  1. He is never violent

We all get angry at times. We all have our bad days. And we all end up doing or saying things that we don’t really mean at one point or the other. But no matter how angry he is, no matter how rough his day went, and no matter how big the argument was, it will never be okay for him to be violent with you in any way. Watch closely how he treats the women in his life, from his mother to his sisters to his female friends. It can tell you a lot about the way he will treat you as well.

And if he ever gets rough with you, don’t shrug it off by assuming it was a one-time thing or hoping that it will just stop with time. This probably wasn’t the first time he acted this way and it definitely won’t be the last. You need a man who is gentle with you, a man who truly knows your worth, and a man who loves you so deeply that it encourages you to stand up to and confront any other violent people in your life.

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  1. He can make you laugh

Every girl needs to be with a guy who can make her laugh. I’m not saying that he has to be the funniest guy in the room at all times, or that he should always have a joke up his sleeve for anyone who asks. But if he can make you laugh at the silliest of things, if he can cheer you up in the darkest of times, and if he is the one person you can really have fun with, then he’s definitely a keeper. After some time, his good looks will fade away, the sex will get boring, and the excitement level will go down, but one thing that will always stay is the way he can make you laugh! - Continue reading on the next page