11 Things Your Boyfriend Does Which Make Him a Keeper

Z Posted a year ago
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Ladies, have you found your "Keeper"?

One of the hardest parts about navigating your way through the ups and downs of a relationship is wondering whether or not the relationship can go the distance. You love the happy times but you absolutely hate the bad times and you think to yourself if the good things can outweigh the bad. What are the things about your boyfriend that are worth fighting for? Fortunately for you there are simple signs that you can look out for to determine his worth in your life.

Read through this list and by the end, you’ll get a pretty good idea if whether or not your boyfriend is for keeps. These are 11 things your boyfriend does which make him a keeper:

1. He Makes an Effort to Text You

They don’t have to be complicated text messages really. Even a text as simple as letting you know where he is or who he’s out with can go a long way. It means he likes to keep you updated on his life and wants to always keep you in the loop.

2. He’s Wise With His Finances

Ladies, you never want to date a loser who is irresponsible with how he handles his money. Find a guy who knows how to manage his finances and is always forward-thinking when it comes to money. Find a man who puts his money in good investment ventures as opposed to boys who just like to buy toys all the time.

3. He Makes an Effort to Look Good

He doesn’t have to always be in a tuxedo, nor does he have to have his hair done every day. It’s just important that he still makes an effort to look presentable especially when he’s going to be seen in public with you. It means he still values how you see him and he still likes to look worthy enough to be with you. - Continue reading on the next page