12 Awkward Moments that happen in every New Relationship

Z Posted a year ago
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Relationships are beautiful especially when first starting out, the Honeymoon phase, as they call it. There’s nothing quite like the innocence of falling in love with someone and experiencing the bright flames of that romance in its earliest stages. However, underneath all the innocent flare and passion, you can find a bunch of awkward moments tucked away. These awkward situations are rites of passage for all couples. Awkward situations help couples become more comfortable with each other and be more at ease with their relationship. Here are 12 awkward moments that occur in new relationships.

1. The Label Discussion

This is the very first awkward hurdle that all couples have to overcome especially with modern relationships. Labels can make for very tricky discussions especially now when particular labels carry heavy weight. Are you casually dating? Are you in an exclusive relationship? Are you in an open relationship? Having a talk about where you both stand in a relationship can be very scary, especially when expectations aren’t being met. Couples don’t have to worry though. After getting past this phase, it’s just a smooth series of awkward situations from here on out.

2. Conversations about Exes

You may have some knowledge about his ex, but you feel like there are some parts of the story he has been leaving out. You feel like you have the right to know since you’re his girlfriend now and his exes shouldn’t matter. The tricky part is, you’re not entirely sure you want to know every single detail about his past relationships, and you’re also unsure of how he’ll respond to you asking him about it. Conversations about exes can make for very awkward bedroom talk.

3. The First Farts in Front of Each Other

Farts can always make for awkward situations in whatever social setting. But how comfortable do you have to be with your boyfriend in order for you to be able to fart in front of each other? Just know this, once you get past that initial awkward fart, you’re basically in the safe zone. It means he can tolerate even the gross parts about you because he loves you. - Continue reading on the next page