12 Common Lies That Cheaters Tell

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Never underestimate a cheater’s ability to weasel their way out of a compromising situation.

Never underestimate a cheater’s ability to weasel their way out of a compromising situation. Whenever you get cheated on, you can expect a lot of excuses and alibis to be thrown your way. Your partner will refuse to take responsibility for infidelity, and you will be left with a choice to make regarding your relationship.

Regardless of how you want to move on from a situation of infidelity, you always have to be aware if your partner is lying to you. Dishonesty is just adding fuel to the fire of infidelity, and you must address these issues head on. Be wary of the most common lies that cheaters will tell after their cases of infidelity.

1. I’ll never do it again!

Of course he will. Once a cheater, always a cheater. But it’s really up to you whether you’ll be willing to tolerate his constant infidelity. If he was willing to cheat on you once, what makes you think he won’t be willing to do it again? Even if he believes that he won’t be willing to cheat on you again, he would be lying to himself too.

2. You’re acting crazy!

No you’re not. You’re acting just perfectly normal. It’s okay to freak out on your cheating boyfriend. He deserves whatever wrath you’re ready to unleash on him. He knows you’re not acting crazy and he’s merely trying to diffuse the situation by deflecting his faults unto you.

3. I promise I’ll change.

Actually, he won’t. If he’s old and mature enough to commit himself to you in a relationship, then he should also be old enough to know that change doesn’t exactly come so easily. That’s part of his personality and there’s just no changing it. You have to choose if you’re willing to live with it.

4. It was only a moment of weakness on my part.

It wasn’t just a moment of weakness. We all get our moments of weakness. We get weak whenever we’re tempted to eat that extra slice of pizza. We get tempted to splurge all our savings on toys and clothes. We also get weak whenever we’re sexually attracted to someone, but it’s not an excuse for acting on our temptations. That’s another story entirely.- Continue reading on the next page

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