12 daily habits of super-happy couples

A Posted 2 years ago
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Looking for secrets behind the longest and happiest of relationships? What do these couples do to maintain a healthy relationship? How is it that even after years into the relationship, the spark is still there? What is it that increases the love that they share, day after day? How can they be so happy all the time? Look no further. Here are 12 of their surprisingly simple daily habits;

  1. Adopt a ritual

That obviously engages both of you. There are tons of things you could do. Even if you don’t have any such ritual, you could start now. Make some time to maybe listen to some music together, watch something, exchange random messages, take a walk or whatever you see fit.

Making it a habit would ensure at least a little time together every day, even on the busiest days. Amidst all the changes that are constantly taking place, you need something familiar to hold on to, this could be it. A constant reminder of the blessing of a relationship you have.

  1. Shower each other with compliments

Tell them how a certain color compliments them better than another or how they have the kind of smile that makes you want to smile. Observe the changes in wardrobe or hair or anything and make sure you praise them. It’s nice to know that your significant other notices the little things about and just how attractive they find you.