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  • 12 signs it’s time to let go

    Over a year ago, I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, a relationship where everyday got sadder than the last, it was a horrible feeling and I was just too scared of letting go because the process of moving on is just too hard for anyone to go through. But, eventually, it had to be done. I decided that the sorrow I’m going to go through for a few months is better than a lifetime of trauma and suffocation, so I decided to let go and move on with my life and make myself breathe again. It was the best decision of my life, it wasn’t easy though. This article is for people who are going through similar situations, when they feel like they just don’t know themselves anymore. These are the 12 signs to tell you that it’s time to let go. Let’s begin.

    12. You constantly feel suffocated

    Are you in a relationship where you constantly feel suffocated? Where you feel like you can’t be yourself and can’t speak your heart out? In a relationship where any sign of letting yourself heard has to be kept inside of you because of some fear that you’ve developed? I was in it once and I know how horrible it feels. You need to be with someone who can fill you with life and energy, not take it away from you. Just walk away, stop torturing yourself!