12 Signs You’re More Insecure Than You Think

A Posted 10 months ago
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Ladies, give this one a thorough read.

While you may be under the impression that you have everything in life figured out, you can’t deny that you have some lingering insecurities within you. You are prone to directly damaging the dynamics of your relationship without you even knowing. There are some things that you do which you think are very innocent, but they carry a lot of heavy emotional weight. There are many factors that can contribute to this, but all in all, the truth is that insecurity is still breeding deep within you.

You need not worry about it. All of us carry some kind of insecurity with us. It’s part of being human. What you can do now is to be aware of whenever your insecurities are taking over, and control it the best way you can. Here are some signs to look out for that you’re exhibiting your insecurities in your relationship.

1. You still keep tabs on his ex.

There are few things more insecure than constantly stalking your boyfriend’s ex. If you were really secure about the status of your relationship and the feelings you have for each other, you wouldn’t even be thinking about his ex. You would also be confident that he carries no feelings for his ex anymore.

2. You constantly crave for validation.

You ask him if he loves you constantly. You always ask him if he wants to spend time with you. You always want to force him to reaffirm his love and affection for you because you always find yourself doubting it. You think you are being cute and endearing when you ask him, but the truth is you’re just being insecure.

3. There’s always that lingering feeling that something is wrong.

You always have this feeling that there’s something wrong going on in the relationship. It’s a feeling you can’t shake and it consumes your day and nights. The worst part is that you can’t exactly pinpoint the problem. The truth is that it’s probably nothing, and you’re just letting your insecurities get the best of you.

4. You overdo it when trying to be liked by his friends.

You make too much of an effort to be liked by his friends. Yes, it’s important that you impress his friends and family, but don’t try to overdo it. Know your boundaries and make sure that you always maintain class, grace, and poise when interacting with his friends.- Continue reading on the next page