12 things I learnt about love and life by loving a boy who didn’t love me back

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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  1. True love does exist.

And it exists without any pre-requisites, without any restrictions, and without any expectations. True love is free. It is infinite. It is unconditional. And it can flow endlessly, without any need to be reciprocated. If a love doesn’t hold true to this definition, then maybe it isn’t true at all.

  1. True love is unconditional.

If love is held back in some way owing to rules, limitations, conditions, or even labels, then it definitely isn’t real. When you truly love someone, you need to go beyond everything the society dictates, beyond your own wants and desires, and beyond all perceptions about love that you’ve ever held.

  1. Loves isn’t just about physical intimacy

We grow up thinking of love as something that’s supposed to give us unlimited happiness, something that can fill the gaping hole in our hearts with a few simple hugs, kisses and some passion in the bedroom, and something that will keep us forever content. But love goes deeper than that! Love is a powerful force that can take all kinds of forms- hurt, regret, growth, breakups, and of course happiness. But whatever form it takes, it always resonates with the complete and utter truth of our hearts.

  1. Loving people for who they truly are is the best gift you can give them

When we accept and love a person for exactly who they are, and when we love them for all their faults, flaws and imperfections and not in spite of them, we essentially give them the space to grow into the perfect version of themselves. To watch that person grow, to watch them reach their true potential is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. - Continue reading on next page