12 Things To Do Instead Of Texting Your Ex

A Posted 10 months ago
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Here are some other alternatives that you can take when you feel the urge to text your ex.

There’s no shame in admitting it. Sometimes, we get the powerful temptation to just message our exes and see what we can stir up with our words. These moments of weakness are particularly prominent immediately after breakups when the wounds are still fresh and people are still feeling very vulnerable. It’s understandable that you feel a little helpless and lonely after a breakup, but you should know that texting your ex as a result of your loneliness is never a good idea. Nothing good could possibly come from texting your ex. That’s why during these times of weakness, it would be better for you to just distract yourself with other things. Divert your pent-up emotions into more productive activities. Here are some other alternatives that you can take when you feel the urge to text your ex:

1. Phone your closest friends instead.

Why text your disgusting ex-boyfriend when you can phone your best friends instead? If you’re feeling lonely and vulnerable, your friends should be the first ones you run to. They are your friends for a purpose, and that’s to be at your side during your most troubling moments. You can always count on your friends to protect you from hurting yourself and wallowing in your own pain.

2. Start baking some goodies and treats.

Desserts are always a good idea. Don’t mind all the extra pounds that the sugar will give you. It’s okay to be a little bad every once in a while when it comes to food. You would be surprised at how therapeutic baking can be. Also, there’s no harm that a good brownie or cookie can do to your soul. That’s the reason they’re called soul food right?

3. Explore Tinder.

Don’t necessarily feel the need to jump into another relationship right away. Just test the waters and have some fun. Explore Tinder and use it as a distraction from your feelings. Utilize this opportunity to see that there exists a world beyond the relationship you’ve just ended. Know that the possibilities for your future are limitless and that this isn’t the end of your story. - Continue reading on the next page